Third Thursday Late Night Shopping

TLNSThird Thursday Late Night Shopping is a promotion designed by the Pittsburgh Downtown Community Development Corporation (PDCDC) to attract customers to our participating merchants. Customers who spend over $100 at any of the retail stores after 5pm on third Thursday will receive a 22% coupon redeemable any Thursday after 8 PM at any of the participating restaurants. The recurring event is a crucial step in the PDCDC’s continuing efforts to transform Downtown Pittsburgh into an 18-hour city, bringing business not only to our partners but to surrounding merchants as well.

From September to December 2016, the PDCDC will run a three-month test period when Late Night Shopping will occur on the third Thursday of each month. This period will be a critical tool in helping to identify the program’s strengths and weaknesses. To best serve the diverse array of participating retailers and restaurants, the PDCDC will use the trial period to forge relationships that incorporate each merchant into the planning process. With their input, the PDCDC will confidently moving forward to develop a Thursday Late Night Shopping program that benefits every participant and will strengthen the Downtown community as a whole.

In March 2017, the PDCDC looks forward to unveiling a permanent Thursday Late Night Shopping program.

By continuing the ongoing dialogue with each partner, the PDCDC will custom tailor its marketing strategies to meet our partners’ individual needs. Continued outreach efforts within the local business and residential communities are critical to the program’s success.