PDCDC Resident Ambassadors

The PDCDC established the Ambassadors Program in 2013 to facilitate communication, advocacy, collaboration and community building in Downtown Pittsburgh. Comprised of a group of residents who each represent their Downtown building, the program works to ensure that Downtown’s growing residential population has a seat at the table when decisions are made that affect their neighborhood.

In conjunction with the PDCDC’s ongoing efforts to increase connectivity between all Downtown residents, the small business community, and local government, the Ambassadors Program is helping to not only shape the landscape of Downtown Pittsburgh, but to establish Downtown as a true neighborhood, as well.

The pins on this interactive map of Downtown Pittsburgh each represent a different residential building. If you click on a pin, it will show you the name and email address of that building’s ambassador(s). Resident ambassadors act as a resource to the residents of their buildings, keeping lines of communication open between the PDCDC, residents, and building management.

To find your PDCDC resident ambassadors, simply locate your residence on the map (you can pull it east, west, north, and south if you don’t immediately see your building) and click on its pin.

If your residential building isn’t listed on the map or you’re interested in volunteering as a resident ambassador for a building that doesn’t already have one, please email info@pdcdc.org.