PDCDC Developers Forum

As a community development corporation, we not only advocate on behalf of developers Downtown, but also distribute development information to all of our stakeholders. Why not hear the information first-hand from the developers themselves? We created the annual PDCDC Developers Forum to facilitate the flow of information from developers to the Downtown community.

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The Forum features a panel of experts in construction, realty and development investment that will answer attendees’ questions about the state of development Downtown.

The Developers Forum gives guests an unprecedented look on the changing Pittsburgh skyline and sheds light on what makes Downtown a great investment for developers nationwide. The panel also shares their thoughts on the future of development for the city.

On Wednesday, January 18, PDCDC held its third annual Developers Forum at the Heinz 57 Center. The invite-only event was at capacity with 140 attendees plus standing-room only. Attendees included developers, residents, and local government. The theme of the forum was “creating an urban village.” Panelists included Vivian Li from Riverlife, Gregg Broujos from Colliers International, and Herky Pollock from CBRE.

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In addition to Downtown development, the panelists discussed the parts that everyone can play to expand riverfront development. In terms of Downtown development, discussion got into what types of retail the PDCDC should be recruiting. Suggestions included women’s boutiques and a frozen yogurt joint.

According to panelist Herky Pollock, “In the next few years, I foresee a store like Target Express coming to Downtown.”

Overall, the forum provided guests with an unprecedented look at Pittsburgh’s changing skyline and shed light on what makes Downtown a great investment for developers. We thank you for your attendance and look forward to seeing you next year.




The 2016 panelists included were:

Ray Gastil – Pittsburgh City Planning
Todd Reidbord – Walnut Capital
Lucas Piatt – Millcraft Investments
Herky Pollock – CBRE
Randy Mineo – Core Realty

In February 2015 we held the first PDCDC Developer’s Forum, featuring a panel of experts in construction, realty and development investment. This inaugural forum connected residents with the people behind the city’s structural growth. Our panelists were involved in development in the area in varying capacities and gave behind-the-scenes knowledge on Pittsburgh’s residential and commercial projects. The panel also gave their thoughts on the future of development for the city.

Panelists included:

Izzy Rudolph – McKnight Properties
Keven McMahon – The Cultural Trust
Bill Gatti – Trek Development
Ralph Falbo – Ralph Falbo Inc.
Lucas Piatt – Millcraft
Jerry Novick – PMC
Ethan Fellheimer – Aria Lofts
Shawn Fox – Oxford Development
Todd Palcic – Lando Lofts