Downtown Review Committee

The Downtown Review Committee provides guidance, design criteria and recommendations that reflect the will and interests of Downtown stakeholders and the residential community. Many Pittsburgh neighborhoods have a similar review process in place to ensure development begins in the community and is completed responsibly. It is time for Downtown’s growing population of residents to influence and to engage with the planning processes that affect their neighborhood.

The goals of the Downtown Review Committee are to protect and to strengthen the value of land and buildings; to preserve and to enhance Downtown’s historically and architecturally significant buildings; to encourage responsible development that is aesthetically and practically conscious of existing infrastructure; to encourage restoration and rehabilitation that is compatible with the surrounding neighborhood; and to foster creativity and innovation in the design and remodeling of buildings.

The Downtown Review Committee will comprise Downtown stakeholders who are also legal, planning and architectural professionals. Planning processes that are subject to its review include land use and development proposals for the construction of retail, offices, institutions and residential projects in downtown Pittsburgh. Exterior alterations, building demolitions and signage will also pass before the Downtown Review Committee.