Downtown Dog Park

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After months of planning, the Pittsburgh Downtown Dog Park opened officially in January 2017. Now, downtown pups and their humans can use and enjoy a dog park in the Golden Triangle. This park is the first off-leash park in the area, and allows dogs to explore and roam free in the fenced-in space.

Located at the base of the Rachel Carson Bridge, the park gives downtown dogs a place to socialize and meet their neighbors in a convenient and close-to-home location.

The space is cozy, and is restricted to dogs that weigh less than 30 pounds. Owners are expected to clean up after their pooch and keep an eye on their dog’s behavior while in the park.


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Dog Park Rules

  1. Owners must keep an eye on their dog at all times.
  2. Owners must clean up after their dog and dispose of waste properly.
  3. Be courteous to other owners and dogs.
  4. No aggressive dogs.
  5. Dogs must be neutered or spayed.
  6. Dogs must have proper vaccination and licensing.
  7. Owners are legally responsible for any injury caused by their dog.
  8. Dogs must weigh less than 30 lbs.
  9. Respect the park and facilities.

Have fun and enjoy the Pittsburgh Downtown Dog Park!