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Downtown Pittsburgh is dynamic and so are its residents. The extraordinary access to rivers, trails, parks and amenities make the Downtown neighborhood the premier place for people leading active lifestyles between New York and Chicago. The Pittsburgh Downtown Community Development Corporation (PDCDC) is the only resident-driven organization dedicated to building and improving the community of Downtown.

More than 14,000 people connect with the PDCDC every week through our Downtowner e-newsletter, including over 4000 Downtown residents. Thousands of people have attended our community building events. More than 100 entrepreneurs, corporations and small businesses are part of the PDCDC network focused on enhancing the quality of Downtown life for the ever-growing number of residents and visitors.

In 2017, the PDCDC is poised to transition the successful early rebirth of Downtown into a thriving urban community. Our facilitation will be in both residential and retail growth that stimulates community development in Downtown Pittsburgh. Our programs aim to foster a sense of community, diversify the small business landscape, and cultivate arts and culture. We will work to nurture relationships that give the growing residential and small business population a greater voice in the community. We are also committed to the well-being of Pittsburgh as a whole, and our partnerships with other Pittsburgh organizations reflect this.

The PDCDC holds as a value that residents, corporations, civic organizations and government have mutually beneficial relationships among all of us who share our commitments to Pittsburgh.

From the PDCDC

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